Mar 22, 2011

It's Time!

Spring is finally here, which means a lot of things for the mouse tribe. I for one am stoked as he'll for this. Spring is the time of year I've had my best luck drumming up steel on those little hairballs and when pike and muskies seem to chew em a little more too. I've also landed my biggest and smallest stream trout on mice and many anglers can say the same. Ok.. so many of us haven't gotten out yet, at least for warmwater but the season is here and you don't want to be the guy that should have been there yesterday.
My rods are all dusted off minus my steelhead rods which are still thawing out, I've gone through my gear and stocked most of my flies save for the infamous esoxabox which has a few more slots in it. I'm saving those slots for a new creation of mine that you will see soon. I can't wait to throw them at something other than my pet arowanas ( they make great testors).
As much as I'd like to tell you about my new chew toys it will have to wait for the reveal. I can tell you it's a mouse/frog hyrbrid tube fly that's durable as hell, floats like a cork, pops, dives and anything else you want it to. I'm most exited by the fact that's it's so versatile I can fish it on flouro or straight mono and I've had succes fishing it with both pre fab and knottable bite leaders. Stand by soldiers, more info and orders to come.

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