Jul 14, 2010

The Gartside Gurgler

Jack Gartside's famous creature pattern, the Gartside Gurgler, has become a true favorite for raising big fish, whether in salt or fresh water. My friend Will likes to tie this fly in a variety of dark colors for use on local trout streams. The Gurgler's foam lip pushes water and throws a perfect v-shaped wake and draws vicious strikes. Check out this step by step on the Jack Gartside website. Gartside passed on not too long ago, but his contributions to the sport live on every time we tie or fish one of his infamous patterns.

This salient point's of this pattern such as over-wrapped foam and semi-circle lip at the head of the fly re-appear in many of the popular mouse patterns we tie today. I'm going to peel away from the keyboard right now and tie a few of these guys up.

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