Jul 25, 2010

Tying Mike's Mousekeeteer / Will ties the "Gurgleteer"

Getting excited about the prospects of some serious night fishing in a couple of weeks I have been tying up some big trout munitions. I really liked Mike Schmidt's Mouseketeer which was posted on both sites a little bit ago so I dressed a few. Showing my little brother my rendition he pulled one of them out of the box by the tail, holding it just far enough away from his face that it would not be able to bite him. After staring at it for a few moments, he turned to me with a look of disgusted incredulity and said, "I have no idea what this thing is, but it looks like a mutant beetle-capiller."

We discussed the pattern and night fishing for a little while afterwards and came to the conclusion that we are extremely excited to throw them in the darkness and are very appreciative for Mike introducing it to us.

I took the Mouseketeer and really ran with it. And by ran with it I mean that I tied the fly the exact same way, and then added a bunch of rubber legs. Call me an innovator.

I have also been tying a non-articulated pattern. It is another version of the venerable Gartside Gurgler.

It is tied on a size 2 TMC 8089 with a size 8 octopus hook dropped off the back with furled 20lb Maxima. Some people may disagree with a stinger, but I have also been told that big trout have been known to drag varmints underwater by their tails. So I figure, if a leviathan grabs the tail of my fly, I would prefer that tail to have a hook.

The tail is a marabou on top of some bucktail. The back and head is 3/8" evasote foam, the body is palmered schlappen, and the legs are rubber. Gurgler and Mouseketeer inspired. A Gurglerketeer. Yeah, I don't think that name is sticking.

--Will Parke (---Read more about Will's exploits at his home blog: The Chicago Trout Bum---)

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